Monday, April 23, 2012

Going, going

I've moved.  This blog will now be hosted at

Yep. I've finally given up on Blogger.  I know many of you are devoted to Blogger even vigorously defending Blogger and suggesting things I should do to stay here.  But I don't agree. I don't agree that I should learn HTML.  An advantage of Blogger was that you didn't need to learn HTML but could use it if you wanted.  Another suggestion I find lacking; move to Google Chrome. Really?  Learn not one but two new interfaces to solve a recurring problem?  My problem with Bloogle, and several other sites BTW, is the constant need to rearrange the interface.  Your not helping me by placing my tools in new undiscovered places.  Your are being Walmart. Yes, Walmart. Walmart constantly rearranges their stock for the sole purpose of making you look at something that you wouldn't ordinarily seek.  You look. You see. You buy. That's what Walmart does. Walmart is not concerned with your convenience, your budget or anything other than wrestling a few more dollars out of your wallet. I'm not sure what Blogger/Google/Bloogle's aim is here.  I thought they made their money by the advertisements they force us to carry. I see no point in constantly rearranging the interface. 

Bloogle's previous "upgrade" crashed my system. My system is about 18 months old, has a 3Gig processor and 6 GB RAM. I'm connected on a 3GL DSL line with consistent admirable speeds. Before I connected to the internet the first time, my virus checked was up, running and had cleared my system.  There has never been a time when I did not have a virus checker, as well as a few other pieces of software looking for worms, root kits and other evils.  If Bloogle conflicts with these protective measures, Bloogle looses.  I've already been part of a bot network. I'm not willing  to be a part of that again.

Whew OK that's out of my system.

For the 45 or so of you that read my blog, I've turned off the comments.  I don't have everything moved to Wordpress yet, so this blog will stay up for a few more days. I keep my Google account because I need it to leave comments on other blogs. Unfortunately many of those blogs are requiring 2 word verifications. I know the spam is awful.  I finally took my blog out of the search engines and banned the annon user.  Some of that spam is really bad.  I just want to post a few crappy pictures about my sewing. I don't want to read that stuff.The point is I understand the need for the word verification, but these mature eyes of mine have problems readings the words to be verified.  I'm slowly reaching the point of being banned from posting comments, only because I can't pass the "human" test. I do welcome your comments. Like many bloggers, comments encourage me to create future posts.  No comments makes me feel like should quit blogging and just keep a private, paper journal.  You know, since my peers give no indication of interest, let prosperity find my words centuries from now and take my view as the way we were.

Hope to see you at