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Retirment has given me time to surf the net as much as I want. Which turns out to be about 4 hours daily, when I'm home.  I've also managed to acquire a stunning-to-me- number of computers that are used as personal computers. This house has 2 desktops, 2 laptops, a net book 2 Nooks and an older laptop dedicated to my knitting machine.  I recently disposed of an even older laptop which connected to an elder (15 years) computerized sewing machine.  Now, there are more computers in the house.  It does you no good to be fear or mistrust computers. They are here.  My stove is computerized as is the microwave and the rotary cooker we want to buy. Oh and I'm forgetting the modern appliances, pressure cooker, slow cooker, blender and beater, that all profess chips and digital displays. My TV, video recorder, blue-ray and Netflix box have some computing ability.  I have 2 sewing machines and the knitting machine with computer chips-even if they do run antiquated hardware and software.  The cars all have some computerized functions which the mechanic uses to talk with the vehicles, even if I cannot. As we age we're acquiring "health devices", blood pressure and heart charger, which contain chips and apparently watch me as intently as I watch their faces.  Let's see phones. I have 2 working and 4 on the shelf.  I'd like to factory-reset the on-the-shelf phones and donate them but I don't know how. I'm not sure about the 4 cameras or the audio equipment. Just because it is digital and has a video output, does that mean it is computerized?  Oh and I did forget the network equipment. I have 2 routers, one for me and the wireless setup inside the other which belongs to the phone company. Real fun when it comes time to trouble shoot.  They're always threatening me with service charges and later apologizing for the inconvenience.  At least, they are big enough to admit it's their equipment. So I get onto computing.

And that brings me to the purpose of this page.  Having read my preamble and glanced at the contents, you'll never want to look at this page again.  With the multitude of personal computers available and in use, I find keeping my links uptodate dificult.  I end up running from computer to computer looking for a link. No, you can't always just Google.  Sometimes the link is so long and so buried in the 100,000 Google responses they only way to find it again, is to nail it into your favorites the first time.  This page will contain only my most recent and active links. To be honest, I may move this to the cloud somehow so that it's not so public.  But for now:

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