Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Blogs:

SDBev.wordpress is a combination of posting and index as I link to several other blogs which focus on one aspect of my crafting. They are:

My Workbook for my Cover Stitch machine:  900CPX COOK BOOK
My sewing with Burda Patterns at: the Burda Experience
Sewing with the Basic Block: the Block Party
A place just about my Embroidery
Sewing with Patterns markets by Individual Designers: the INDYS
 Sharing another beloved craft, knitting. sdBev Knitting
My sewing experiences with OttobreDesigns Ottobre DesignAdventure
Posts about my pants constructions are at Pants!
I'm conquering sheer fabrics at:  Sheer Fabrics Work Book

The real meat of the blog,  my posts,  are now hosted at Wordpress. Please join me at my Wordpress sites linked above.